Milbourne Investments - We Buy Anything we do Anything... Just Ask ?
Maintaining the exterior of a home can improve the functionality and efficiency, as well increase curb appeal. With our help no home improvement project is too difficult.

MILBOURNE INVESTMENTS Home Improvement division was created to maintain property our Company acquired for the purposes of resale and to maintain our residential property for the benefit or our tenants.  As a result of our Home Improvement team doing superior work for our tenants, we were receiving referrals to do work for other people.  It wasn't long before this division of the business began to blossom like a beautiful flower. 

We offer a wide variety of services at affordable prices.  If you are interested in getting any work done, please call us or visit one of our retail stores for more information.

We make home improvements easy!
Some Services include:
 Flooring    Gutters    Fencing  
 Roofing          Fixtures  
Pressure Washing
Clean and Clear houses
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